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As a contractor in Plano, you're in one of the most lucrative and competitive markets in North Texas. And you aren't just competing with other Plano contractors either. You have to worry about the ones that are a stone's throw in Frisco, Allen, and McKinney too.

There's only so much room on page one of Google and you're all fighting over the same real estate. The contractors that can regularly show up in the search engine results page (SERP) are the ones that are going to keep winning new business.

But, earning your place on page one is difficult. Most contractors struggle to show for local searches because they focus on just one section of the SERP. They only try SEO, PPC, or hope their Google Maps listing will do the heavy lifting for them.

And you've likely tried each marketing tactic before, and they likely didn't work. Digital marketing changes almost daily, and if you aren't keeping up with the latest best practices, you'll struggle to be seen online.

However, if you partner with the best contractor marketing agency in Plano, you can double, triple, or even quintuple your inbound leads. This will fill your lead gen pipeline to keep your project managers and field teams busy with new projects.

Plano's top rated contractor marketing agency

For nearly 15 years, we've been helping local businesses grow their sales multiple times over. Our team has built a proven local marketing playbook that drives results for any type of contractor.

Where other agencies report on vanity metrics like rankings and leads, we aim a little higher. We don't hang our hat on driving traffic or leads. We drive revenue.

We make your goals ours. And, we want your company be the first one Plano homeowners see when they're looking for a contractor. Our team knows which levers to pull to get your website in front of them. And we want as many eyes on your site as possible. That's why our approach saturates the search results so no matter where they look, there you are.

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To get meaningful, impactful results, your need to be all over Google. Not just in one or, maybe, two places. Our multi-channel strategies target on each section of the search results to help your business rank on Google Maps, in the local search results, and in the paid ads results.

This covers both paid and non-paid opportunities to build multiple streams of high-value leads that turn into booked projects.

Let's dive in.

How Hearth Marketing helps Plano contractors grow their business multiple times over

Our team of contractor marketing experts have over 80 years of combined experience helping small businesses and local contractors dominate the local search results. This level of visibility guarantees that your company will be found when homeowners search for your services online. And that attracts more high quality traffic and leads to your site that turn into booked projects.

  • Rank higher in search to get free traffic & leads. Running Google Ads for contractors can be super expensive, with clicks easily costing $30 or more. With SEO, there's an upfront investment, but once that's been made, that's it. SEO for contractors is an incredibly cost-effective marketing strategy to drive traffic and leads without having to keep paying for it. And once you've cracked the top rankings in Google, you'll keep getting free, continuous traffic that grows over time.
  • Reach your ideal clients with Google Ads. SEO takes time to spin up. In the mean time, we build targeted Google Ads campaigns to drive drive targeted traffic and high-value leads while your site is climbing the rankings. We also go the extra mile to generate leads that are more likely to turn into booked projects so we aren't driving leads, we're driving revenue.
  • Dominate the local Plano market. You don't need to have a huge service area. Plano keeps growing and there's plenty of business to be earned in the Plano market alone. Our marketing strategy targets saturating the Plano search results so you can get in front of homeowners in real-time. Our goal is to make you the contractor in Plano that people go to first.
  • Drive a positive ROI on your marketing investment. While we absolutely want to get you to number one on Google and generate a ton of leads, we want to profitably drive clients to your business. We know there's an upfront investment to our services, and we take it seriously. We treat your money as if it were our own so we only focus on the tactics and strategies that move the needle to make sure we get you a positive ROI.

Want more high-value leads that turn into booked projects?

How our marketing strategies help Plano-based contractors reliably attract new business

Most contractors and marketing agencies struggle to see results because they only focus on one part of the SERP. Our contractor marketing strategies are tailored to massively boost your visibility with Plano homeowners. We cast as wide of a net as possible to seize every opportunity to attract new projects for your business.

We do that by targeting every section of the SERP:

Local SEO optimizations

To help you rank for search terms like "roofing contractor in Plano" or "best plumber in Plano", we implement:

  • Localizing your website's content: You don't need to rank everywhere, just in Plano. We review your existing content and leverage on-page SEO optimization to make your pages hyper-relevant for local searches for Plano contractors.
  • Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization: Building your Google maps listing doesn't guarantee it'll rank. Our team helps build out your GBP listing for consistency, earn more reviews, and uses advanced tactics to build your authority and credibility to rank higher in the local map pack and local search results.
  • Earning high quality local backlinks: We build quality backlinks from other local businesses to build your local ranking signals and boost your credibility and authority.
  • Online review & reputation management: Steadily earning positive reviews from your satisfied clients proves to Google, and potential clients, that you're an active, reputable company. And, Google is more likely to improve your search rankings with a high rating score.
  • NAP data: Your proximity to a searcher is one of the main ranking factors for local search. Putting your NAP data (name, address, phone number) on each page of your website helps Google understand where you are and where you should rank for a relevant local search.
  • Build out your local citations: We ensure that your company is listed consistently on important industry and general citation websites, i.e. Yelp, Facebook, Google, HomeAdvisor, etc. This builds the foundation of your local SEO efforts to rank for local searches.

Technical website optimizations

Your website is where all of your marketing efforts trace back to. To convert traffic into leads, you need to have a professional, mobile friendly site that loads quickly and is easy to use. But, more importantly, Google prioritizes websites that are well-built and easy to crawl. Our team focuses on specific areas to optimizing your site:

  • Mobile first design: Mobile browsing is becoming the norm. We use responsive design to make sure your site looks and works flawlessly on any device. And, with Google's mobile-first indexing, your site being mobile friendly will have a major impact on its ability to rank in the search results.
  • Fixing broken links & redirect chains: Our proprietary site crawler can quickly identify broken links, redirect chains, orphaned pages, and more to resolve these issues and preserve link equity for a well-maintained website.
  • Optimized URL structure: We ensure that your page URLs aren't overoptimized and are properly structured so they're easily understood by both people and search engines. Making it more likely for them to click or rank them in the search results.
  • Website load times: Each second your pages take to load drastically increases the likelihood a visitor will go back to Google. We ensure fast load times by using browser caching, optimizing your images, not using unnecessary code, and much more to improve user experience and your search rankings.
  • Structured data markup: Structured data lets you explicitly tell Google exactly what your pages are about. This provides more informative results and enhances your listings with reviews, page descriptions, events, and more.
  • Internal site architecture: Linking to other relevant pages on your site helps provide additional info for your visitors. But, it also helps Google more effectively crawl your pages so they can be indexed and rank for local searches.
  • Sitemap management: Google has to crawl your pages before it can rank them. We create, optimize, and manage your sitemaps to make sure Google can crawl your entire website each time googlebot pops in for a visit.

Google Ads optimizations

Paid advertising on platforms like Google Ads and Facebooks Ads are a great source of targeted on-demand traffic and leads. Even with the home service space being competitive and expensive, paid media campaigns can still be wildly profitable for Plano contractors.

Our PPC experts build high-impact paid media campaigns for Plano contractors by implementing:

  • Audience research & insights: Deeply understanding who your ideal clients are, what they're interested in, how they spend their time online, and how they search for your services helps us build a custom PPC strategy to target, reach, and convert them from prospects into lifelong customers.
  • Competitive analysis: We perform a complete competitive PPC audit to learn more about what they're doing, what they aren't, and where they're succeeding and failing to adjust our strategy to fast track your timeline to see results.
  • Keyword research: Not all keywords drive revenue. We analyze your market to identify high-intent keywords for the services you provide to find the best keywords to test.
  • Ad copy: Our team writes enticing, highly clickable ad copy and perform rigorous A/B testing to attract and drive as many searchers as possible to your landing pages.
  • Landing pages design: We build custom landing pages that resonate with your target keywords and ad copy for a seamless conversion path and to properly optimize your campaigns so Google ranks you higher in the at-bid auctions.
  • Conversion rate optimization: We look at every step of the conversion process to identify any potential barriers to conversion. Then, we brainstorm creative solutions on how to break down those barriers and boost your conversion rates to reliably generate more leads.
  • Audience targeting: Knowing exactly who your audience is allows us to build custom audience segments in Google Ads to specifically target and reach the potential clients who matter most to your business. This also prevents your ads from being seen by price shoppers and tire kickers, which improves the overall quality of your leads.
  • Tracking & reporting: Our data analytics team builds custom reports and dashboards that highlight your paid media performance and important KPIs. This lets both of our teams keep a close eye on performance trends and make sure we're hitting our target benchmarks.
  • Scaling out what works: Our team of performance-driven marketers only focus on what moves the needle for your business. And we only keep what generates high-value leads that drive revenue to maximize your results and return on investment.

Content marketing strategy & optimizations

Creating high quality content that answers questions your ideal customers have is a phenomenal way to rank in the local search results for high-intent keywords. Our content marketing team implements:

  • Audience insights: Understanding your audience will give you insights about the type of content they want to consume. And, how they want it presented, i.e. long-form video, YouTube short, blog post, Tweet chain, etc.
  • Keyword research: We'll identify the most relevant target keywords that are specific to the services you provide in Plano and the surrounding area.
  • Content creation: Knowing what your audience is interested in or their most common issues will help you reach them at multiple stages of the buying funnel with highly relevant content.
  • Content structure: We'll create content around a central topic and closely related topics to create a cluster of content that shows Google your subject matter expertise on the services you provide.