Google Local Service Ads

Maximize your visibility in paid search and position yourself as the best contractor in your service area with the Google Guaranteed ads. Our team of PPC experts will help you earn more qualified leads that turn into booked jobs to keep your schedule full.

Put your business at the top of Google Search with Local Service Ads

The success of your home service business depends on its visibility. If your potential customers can't find you when they search for your services online, they can't do business with you. Google's Local Service Ads are a one-way ticket to the top of the search results. At Hearth Marketing, we help our clients get their business into the LSA program to maximize visibility and generate qualified leads that turn into booked jobs.

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Our Local Service Ads management services include:

Here's a quick breakdown on what's included in our LSA management plans.

Budget optimization

Our PPC experts will work hand in hand with you to craft a bidding strategy that achieves your goals and works on your budget. We handle all of the heavy lifting to maximize your ROI so you can sit back and watch the leads roll in.

Review solicitation

Reviews are a crucial component of the LSA program. Your visibility in the ad section depends on your company getting consistent, positive reviews. We'll implement a review solicitation strategy to create a steady pipeline of reviews.

Precise lead tracking

Part of our digital marketing services is end-to-end lead tracking. Our team will track every lead from your Local Service Ads campaign so you know how many of these warm leads turn into booked jobs.

Geographic targeting

You only need to target people inside of your service area. Our LSA management services include advanced geographic targeting so the ads only target your ideal customers that are in profitable geographic areas.

Ad schedule management

Showing your ads to the right person at the right time is a major driver for success. Our team will optimize your ad schedule so your ads only show when your company is able to cover them.

Profile optimization

A complete and optimized business profile is an integral part of your LSA campaign. When our team is building out your profile, we'll make sure it follows current best practices to help generate highly qualified leads.

Benefits of using Google Local Service Ads to grow your home service business

If you aren't quite convinced that you need to be running local service ads, we've put together a quick list of the benefits you'll see from using them.

Your business will be seen first

Nearly 50% of people reach out to one local contractor when they need help. Local service ads put businesses like yours at the top of the search results. Your company is far more likely to be seen here when your target audience looks for your services online. Being the first thing people see can be the difference between booking jobs and losing them to the competition.

Builds trust with your target customer

One of the big selling points of the Local Service Ads is the Google Guarantee. Only businesses backed by Google can show up in these search results. In a nutshell, your client can be reimbursed, by Google, for the amount they paid for the initial service if they aren't satisfied with your service. Having the Google Guarantee next to your company's name is a major trust builder.

Generates high value leads

The best time to target your customers is when they need your services. Having a paid marketing strategy that uses Local Service Ads generates qualified leads by people that need your help right now. These hot leads turn into booked jobs that keep your schedules full and your teams busy.

Lead tracking to have a clear ROI

Call tracking is an integral part of our Local Service Ads management services. We're able to track every call that goes to your company, so we know exactly where it came from and whether or not it turns into an appointment. This gives us the insights we need to know how much revenue is being driven by these ads.

Only pay when you get a lead

The only time you'll be charged by Google is when someone actively reaches out to your company. They have to send a text/email, call you, or leave you a voicemail for you to be charged for the lead. Otherwise, it doesn't cost a penny to run these ads.

Simple and easy to manage

You don't have to worry about doing keyword research, coming up with ad copy, or managing your cost per click. All you have to do is get approved for the program, set a budget, and Google will start showing your ads for relevant searches. Some upkeep is necessary which is where we come in.

Get refunded on low value leads

Not every lead is going to be great. You might get contacted by someone that doesn't need your services, that's outside of your service area, or even a spam call or two. These invalid leads can be disputed to Google within 30 days and credited to your account.

Are you ready to start generating high-quality leads?

No matter what type of home service business you're in, whether you're in roofing, fencing, lawn care, solar panels, or flooring, Hearth Marketing can drive real, measurable results for you. We've logged thousands of hours managing local service ads for local businesses just like yours and we know what works. Contact us today to chat with one of our local service ad specialists to discuss your needs and how we can help grow your business.