Industries We Serve

At Hearth Marketing, we specialize in helping contractors and home service companies get the traffic and the leads they need to grow. Our clients typically offer one of the following services. Find yours to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.


Solar Energy is poised to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the next 20 years. Partnering with a digital marketing agency that understands the solar industry and how to get you more qualified traffic & leads can help your company cement itself as one of the leading solar providers.


How big of a difference would getting extra 10, 20, 30, or even 50 extra qualified leads a month make for your roofing business? Our roofing marketing experts have extensive experience generating highly qualified and exclusive leads jobs so you don't have to keep fighting for business on HomeAdvisor and Angi.


Partnering with a marketing agency that can generate leads at every stage of the buying process for pool builders and pool service companies is the secret weapon you need to see real, measurable growth. Our digital marketing services help pool companies like yours achieve their sales goals.


Hearth Marketing is your premier home remodeling marketing partner. Our staff generates highly qualified, yet cost-effective leads to maximize your projects' profitability. We focus on improving your online presence so when people search for "remodeler + your city", you're the company that comes up. Not your competitor.


You need a specialized fence marketing company to keep your schedule full of new fence and gate installations. Our marketing experts can target specific areas by to put your fencing company in front of your ideal customer. They can even ramp up ad spending if there's been a bad storm in your area.


Homeowners investing in their homes more than ever before. When they look for your services in their area, will they find you at the top of the search results or your competitors? Our deck builder marketing experts have helped businesses just like yours keep their calendars booked for months at a time.


Hardscape projects have longer sales cycles due to their cost. It isn't uncommon for a lead to cook for 6+ months to move forward. To better understand your long-tail ROI, you need a marketing agency with an end-to-end lead tracking system so you can tell where each project came from with pinpoint accuracy.

Home Theaters

Our home theater marketing experts implement paid & organic local marketing strategies that target your ideal client where they live so you're the first name they think of for their home theater project. This way you can avoid the crowds and give your exclusive leads the red carpet treatment they deserve.


Landscaping design projects need a different type of marketing than lawn care maintenance does. These high-dollar projects take significantly more planning and budget to make happen. You need a landscaping marketing company that understands your sales cycle to generate leads that turn into successful projects.

Tree Care

Dominating the local search results is the most important goal for every tree service company. Showing up when your potential customers search for your services will guarantee that they find you instead of your competitors. Our tree service marketing experts have built dozens of strategies for companies just like yours to grow their phone calls, leads, and revenue.


It can be a struggle to keep leads coming in. Our plumbing marketing experts have built hundreds of lead generation campaigns to keep your phones ringing and your schedules booked. We leverage our experience with optimizing and managing Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads, local PPC campaigns, and local SEO strategies to put you in front of your ideal customers.


Generating leads for a moving company is all about being at the right place at the right time. Our local search experts have the experience and expertise to help you capitalize on that window of opportunity. We leverage both paid and non-paid marketing strategies to create a steady and recurring stream of inbound leads that increase your MRR and grow your business.

Piano Moving

Visibility is everything when you're marketing your piano mover company. Big moving companies are edging in on the industry and pushing small movers to the curb. Showing up when your potential customers look for you will guarantee that they find you instead of your competitors. Our experts have made marketing strategies that drive serious results for movers just like you.


Our contractor marketing experts use organic and paid marketing strategies to target potential customers in your area so you're the first contractor they find. We take a multi-channel approach to marketing your contracting business to maximize your visibility online, grow your brand awareness, and generate qualified traffic that turns into booked jobs to keep your schedule full.